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WfmwsmallThis week’s Works for Me Wednesday is an online shopping edition.  We are supposed to tell about our favorite places to shop online.  Oooh!  This should be fun!  Unless it is a book store, I hate shopping in stores but really do love shopping online.

Books, Books, Books

By far my favorite place to shop is a bookstore. So, of course, my favorite online shopping would be at an online bookstore.  I really like how Amazon and Borders (same website really) have the option to browse through the book online.  You can usually see the front and back covers, table of contents, index, and a few pages scattered throughout the book.  I really, really love this feature.  Since I have a savings card for Barnes and Noble, I find that purchasing books through Barnes and Noble is a bit more cost effective for me.  You can find some great deals on books when you shop at these stores online in their bargain books sections.  I have been known to purchase about 20 hardback books for around $30 when I browse through the under $5 sections.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Clothing Adult and Children

When shopping for clothing for myself, I like several websites.  If you are looking for a new pair of jeans that fit you just right, check out Zafu.  The website asks you a series of 8 questions and then finds jeans that will look good on you based on your answers.  Zafu can also help you find pants and bras that fit just right. 

While I have not personally shopped at Bluefly, they seem to have decent discounts on expensive designer clothing.  The prices are still out of my league but you my dear readers might enjoy this site.

For children’s clothing, I love CWDKids.  They carry lots of clothes that are great for play.  You can find designs on the shirts and dresses that are not the commercialized characters like Dora, Spider Man, etc.  The girls clothing is modest while still being stylish.  You can find awesome play clothes if you want to match boy/girl twin outfits, which I did almost all the time when my children were younger.  While the clothes are not cheap, especially compared to Wal-Mart, Target, and Old Navy, they are not outrageously expensive and they do run pretty good sales occasionally.

Looking for stylish clothes for a low price?  Find discounts on clothes online at 15dollarstore, where everything is priced at $15.

Other Miscellaneous Places to Shop Online

Scrapbook.com is a great place to purchase just about any scrapbooking supply you could possibly think of.  They have thousands of products. 

If digiscrapping is your thing or you are thinking of starting digiscrapping, ScrapGirls is a good company to get you started.

Hate calling to refill medicine or order pizza.  Why not just go online instead?  We get our prescriptions refilled at CVS and order our pizza from Papa Johns

Need something for your kitchen?  Need something for a wedding gift?  Need to get a gift for a friend who loves to cook?  Check out cooking.com.  They have so many products and they actually run pretty decent sales from time to time.

Looking for an unusual toy for a birthday gift?  I have found that Fat Brain Toys and Toys to Grow On have unusual, unique toys.

Finally, The Sock Company has tons of socks.  They have comfy socks, athletic socks, double layer socks, all kinds of socks.  I like to purchase 1 specific kind of athletic sock for Mr. Right and me.  This way I do not have to fold and match my socks.  I just put them all in a lingerie bag and pull out 2 at time to when I need to use them.

See.  I told you I like shopping online.  Where do you like to shop online?  Did you write a WFMW post about online shopping?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Don’t have a blog but do have a favorite online shop?  You don’t have to have a blog to leave a comment.  Be sure to check out Shannon’s blog to see What Works for Everyone else.

Like this post?  You may also like my blog series on shopping with coupons.

Next week, I will continue my series on goal setting and goal achievement.

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This post has moved to JenuineJen’s new domain:  http://jenuinejen.com.  Please visit the new site for posts on surrogacy and more.  Thanks!

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I have reached the 100th post so I am doing the 100 things about me meme.  Technically, it is my 130th post but who’s counting besides my blog stats?!

I made it its own page so please be sure to click and check it out, 100 Things About JenuineJen.

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This post has moved to my new domain:  http://jenuinejen.com.  Please visit the new site for this post and more.  Thanks!

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This week BusyBoy had a stomach virus that was going around his class at school.  After school on Wednesday, the kids told me that someone threw up on the playground right before carpool line.  On Thursday morning, BusyBoy was complaining about his stomach hurting.  I hoped that it was simply because he was hungry.  When he did not eat his waffles and then asked for oatmeal, which he also did not eat, I knew we were in trouble.  BusyBoy is a picky eater, but he generally likes breakfast foods. 

Since GigglyGirl was feeling ok, I took her on to school and BusyBoy went along for the ride.  When we pulled into the garage, he started crying because he wanted to be at school also.  He said he was not sick anymore.  I persuaded him that we would have a fun morning if he was not sick.  He only felt like watch tv so I sat on the sofa and held him while he watched Little Bear. 

About 35 minutes into our fun morning, he was indeed sick.  Luckily, he made it to the bathroom before vomiting.  He repeated that episode a little later in the morning.  Then he slept off and on in the family room or the next several hours.  While was awake all he wanted was for me to hold him and maybe watch a little bit of tv. 

When GigglyGirl and BusyBoy were babies, we had so many problems with nursing, sleep schedules, and colic that I was relieved when they were sleeping so that I could get some rest as well.  I do not regret the feeling of relief.  I had to rest to survive.  For 8 weeks, I was literally getting a total of 2 hours a sleep a day in 10 – 20 minute increments. 

Now that they are older they do not fall asleep in my arms except for when they are really sick.  While I do not enjoy my children being sick with a minor virus, I am so glad that my presence and touch can make them feel better and I cherish the extra cuddle time I get with them when they are sick.  I know if they were sick with something serious I would not enjoy that cuddle time and would be hoping and praying for them to recover quickly.  Still, when it is a minor virus that I know will pass in a day or two, I stop everything else I am doing to make myself available to the sick child or children.  For me this is the best part about my children being sick, being able to give them comfort when they need it and being able to savor the feeling that gift brings me. 

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The other day, BusyBoy made me realize how much he and GigglyGirl are growing up.  They are both learning so much about the world each and every day.  Things that they took for granted as being true, they now question with how and why are are you sure.  

At bedtime each night, the routine is as follows:  brush teeth, use potty, dress in jammies, pick out 1 book each for Mommy to read, Mommy reads, prayer time, and finally tuck in bed.  Last night, GigglyGirl changed the routine slightly.  She decided she wanted to read her book to me instead of me reading to her.  This is the second time she has requested to read an entire book to me so I let her.  She cannot really “read” yet and is really reciting the story to me based on the pictures. 

As she was reading, BusyBoy wanted to fill in the gaps when she would pause.  I told him he could have his turn to read it to me after she finished.  It seems important to make sure that they each have a turn without their twin interrupting them.  GigglyGirl did a fantastic job “reading” and knew the entire story.

The Three Bears (Little Golden Book)

When it was BusyBoy’s turn, he began “reading,” “Once upon a time there were 3 bears.  A big Papa Bear.  A middle sized Mamma Bear.  And a little Baby Bear.  They lived in a house.”

He turned the page and then paused for a minute.  I had to remind GigglyGirl to let him have is turn uninterrupted to read just like he did for her.  I thought he was pausing to figure out what comes next in the story.  Instead, he asked me, “Mommy, do you really think there is a Papa Bear, a Mamma Bear, and a Baby Bear?  And do they really live in a house in the woods?”

After choking back the laughter that bubbled up at his sweet innocence and wisdom, I asked him, “What do you think, BusyBoy?”

He said, “I guess they can live in a house in the woods.”  Then he proceeded to “read’ the story to the end. 

New Baby Sayings

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Today’s prompt for Sunday Scribblings is I get that sinking feeling.

It has been in the upper 90s and low 100s around here for the past several weeks.  The days have been scorchers.  Because of that there has not been a lot of outside play for the children.  While I tried to have quite a few outings to family and friends’ homes, the days have been l-o-n-g when they are at home.  There is only so much television I allow them to watch and I have bent that rule in the past week.  The toys are fun but after awhile.  There is only so much tv and toys that two twins can enjoy any given day.  Needless to say, the children have been getting on each other’s nerves a little bit.

This morning as BusyBoy and GigglyGirl were playing and apparently GigglyGirl was not sharing the way BusyBoy wanted her to share.  They got in a bit of a squabble but, I thought, they got over it rather quickly.  Apparently I was wrong that they got over it quickly.  A few minutes later I hear BusyBoy yell, “GigglyGirl, you are NOT my sister.” 

Luckily, they did get over the squabble quickly after that.

I get the sinking feeling that their arguments are moving to another level. 

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