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Talk About TuesdayIn the south, we are suffering from the 100 year drought.  This is a drought that is supposed to happen only once every 100 years.  There have been reports about Atlanta running out of water in less than 3 months if there is no relief from the Corps of Engineers.  There are reports that instead of loosening up on the water to take care of people and farmers’ needs water is still being released to protect mussels in Florida.  There are efforts to conserve.  There are plans for more reservoirs but it takes 15 years from proposal to completion of those reservoirs because of so many federal mandates and red tape.  There is talk that we may not be allowed to fill swimming pools this summer if the drought does not let up. 

I took photos recently of a local lake but then my hard drive crashed and I have not yet been able to retrieve them or able to take more photos.  Instead of my own photos, you can click to see this slideshow from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.  The slideshow is specifically of some local Boy Scouts cleaning up debris from the dried land that used to be the lake.  You will see boat docks that are simply standing on mud rather than floating in water.  You can even see a boat that is stuck in the middle of the dried up mud. 

The good news is that eventually it will rain again and the lakes and reservoirs will fill back up.  There are decisions to be made to determine what to do until the lakes fill back up.  Hopefully, the citizens and the elected officials will learn from this experience so that when a future generation has a 100 year drought they are more prepared than we are today.

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Yesterday as Mr. Right was doing chores around the house to bring beauty to our home, he decided to take our Beast of a vacuum cleaner down the stairs.  The Beast is otherwise known as a Kirby vacuum cleaner or the world’s heaviest and most difficult to maneuver vacuum cleaner.  It is nice and powerful, but that’s because it’s got a bulldozer engine and transmission in it.  The point is that it is roughly equivalent in weight to a Volkswagen.

So, while carrying the Beast down the stairs, Mr. Right stepped on Belle’s Magical Wand.  The wand worked some serious magic on Mr. Right.  Unfortunately, it was not the good kind of magic.  Mr. Right’s foot slipped right out from under him.  He and the Beast began falling.  He slid down half of the stairs on his back.

Now, that would normally be enough to worry about; but yesterday it was just the beginning.  See, BusyBoy was laying on his tummy playing at the bottom of the stairs.  He looked up and saw his daddy coming straight at him.  Mr. Right looked down and saw first the look of wonder and then the looks realization and fright on BusyBoy’s face.  Mr. Right was so worried that he and/or the Beast would land on BusyBoy’s head.  In fact, Mr. Right was terrified that he was going to knock BusyBoy out with the Beast of a vacuum cleaner.

Mr. Right tried with all his might to prevent the beast from landing on BusyBoy’s head.  Unfortunately, he did not prevent it from hitting BusyBoy.  It hit his arm and his head.

I was in our bedroom and heard first a bang, then a rumble, a “Jeeennnn come help,” and finally the wailing of BusyBoy’s pain.  I ran down the stairs and took care of BusyBoy immediately.  He could still move his arm and there was no blood on his head. 
There were a few red spots that looked like they might turn into bruises.  Next, I checked on Mr. Right.  He, too, had several bumps but no blood and no broken bones. 

This morning, Mr. Right’s ankle is a bit sore but he has no bruises and no permanent damage.  The red spots that were on BusyBoy’s arm and head did not even bruise.  He is perfectly fine. 

Mr. Right was my prince yet again yesterday.  He prevented the Beast from fatally attacking BusyBoy.  After the incident, we decided to postpone the beautification of the carpet.  But the lack of major injuries turned out to be the Beauty.

The same cannot be said for Belle’s Magic Wand.  Luckily, the wand was the only fatality in this accident.


This post is part of Laura Gallagher’s Talk About Tuesday.  It is like show and tell, blogger style.  Check it out and leave your own post.

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