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Today was the first day of Pre-K 4 school.  GigglyGirl was very upset during meet the teacher last week and yesterday at her regular ballet class.  I was concerned that when I dropped her off she would cry and cling to me.  BusyBoy is usually very outgoing and makes friends easiliy so I was not really concerned about him.  Comments from today:

Me:  GigglyGirl, I was so happy that you did not cry when I left you at school today.  I was concerned about that but you did not shed 1 tear.

GigglyGirl:  Mommy, Mrs. Teacher gave me a skittle.

Another conversation:

Me:  Did you make new friends today at school?

BusyBoy:  No.  I did not.

Me:  Why not?

BusyBoy:  I forgot.

I’m glad my daughter can be bribed out of her clingy-ness with 1 single Skittle.  BusyBoy assures me he will remember to make new friends tomorrow.  🙂

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