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This is my first time participating in Make Me Laugh Monday hosted by Jenny at Absolutely Bananas.  Hopefully, this will make you laugh or at least smile.

A light bulb went off in BusyBoy’s head the other day.  He was looking at the cover of a book and realized that each character had a letter above its head (A, B, and C) and that they were holding something that started with the corresponding letter.  He was so excited that he discovered this.  He pointed it out to Mr. Right.  “Look, Daddy.  This bear is holding an apple and he has an A above his head.  Apple starts with A.  This bear is holding a book and he has a B above his head.  Book starts with a B.  And, this bear is holding a car.  Car starts with a C.  They have the same letter above their head of the thing they are holding.”  He was very excited.

Not to be outdone, his twin sister, GigglyGirl, over heard the exchange and piped in, “BusyBoy is acting like he is 5 but he is not 5.  He is only 4.”

I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Party sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom.  Click on over to visit JenuineJen’s Blog Party.

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Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

It’s Blog Party Week in Blogland! Welcome to my Party! Thanks for Visiting!!

Since this is a blog party, we need to kick this party off with the most important part: FOOD! Everyone loves food. Let’s have some! If you were here, I would cook some of these good (if I do say so myself) recipes for you:

An Evening with Friends Party Food

Game Night with Your Family Party Food

Saving the Best for Last, Dessert Party Food

Now that you are fat and happy, sit back, enjoy, and learn a little bit about my family, my blog, and me.

My college sweetheart and I were happily married 15 ½ years ago. We are still happy! I affectionately call my husband Mr. Right on this blog. He is the “right” man for me. Always has been. Always will be. He is often right about all sorts of trivia and useless useful information. He is politically right of center. He keeps God in the right place in his heart. While he is not technically right all the time, he is right most of the time and that is right for me.

We have boy girl twins (BusyBoy and GigglyGirl) who will be 5 in a few weeks. BusyBoy is all boy. He is always on the move, plays hard all day long, and is quite imaginative. Even though he is a rambunctious boy, he is also our “sweet baby boy” with a tender heart. GigglyGirl loves to talk and laugh and talk and talk and talk. She giggled when she heard I call her “GigglyGirl” on the blog. She loves her dolls, her art supplies, ballet, and princesses. She makes us laugh and our hearts smile.

In addition to my family, I love God. My father is a United Methodist minister. My parents taught me how to have a close relationship with God and I have done so my whole life.

I used to be a stay at home mom. Last year I transitioned into the role of work at home mom after my husband closed his company. I do political consulting and constituent services. I love to read but have yet to put any book reviews on my blog. I read an average of one book a week. While I do my best to keep up with the laundry, I really do not like it because it is a never ending Sisyphean Task. (Sisyphean, that’s one of those useless useful words Mr. Right taught me.) I hate this year’s flu and what it has done to my family and friends.

Ok, I hope these links give you a taste of who I am. Stick around for awhile. You can navigate JenuineJen by selecting a category, most popular post, and/or recent posts on the right. You can also learn more about me on my 100 Things about JenuineJen page. Oh, and if you have any recommendations for moving my blog to its own domain and redesigning blogs, I would love to hear your comments. Thanks!!

If you have made it to the end of this post, thank you again for visiting!! Leave a comment to let me know what you think. Be sure to leave a link to your blog so I can check it out as well.

Finally, be sure to check out all the other parties at 5 Minutes for Mom! It should be a fun-filled party week.

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In an effort to set boundaries awhile back, we established a few words that are only to be said in the bathroom or with you have to go to the bathroom.  They are our “potty words,” words such as poop, poot, and poo poo.  These are not typically bad words but I do not want these words used as adjectives in our home.  I especially do not want them used while at the dinner table.  The rule is basically he can go into the bathroom and say “poop” 100 times in a row if he wants to but he cannot just go around the house describing things as with the word. 

The other day, BusyBoy said there was a monster in the house.  This is not unusual.  BusyBoy and GigglyGirl often see monsters, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and all sorts of animals that are not typically considered domesticated. 

Mr. Right asked, “What kind of monster it was this time?”

BusyBoy stepped into the bathroom and asked, “Can I use a ‘potty word’ to tell what kind of monster it is because I am in the potty?  Please, Mom? Can I?”

At first I did not understand what he meant and then I realized what was about to happen and he was in the potty.  So, I said yes.

“It is a poo-poo monster.”

I guess I walked right into that one. 

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This post has moved to my new url:  http://jenuinejen.com.  Please click the following link to go directly to What My Twins Have Taught Me about Selecting the Best Toys for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers.

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This evening BusyBoy was drawing a picture.  He asked me what it is called when you eat too much candy and you get sick.  I said, “Vomit.”  He said, “No.  The other word.  Throw?”  I said, “Throw up?”  He said, “Yes.  Throw up.  I am drawing a Throw Up Machine.  You feed it candy and it throws it up!”

Yep.  Definitely a boy!

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 This post has moved to my new url:  http://jenuinejen.com.  Please click the following link to go directly to Thanksgiving for Children and Preschoolers.

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This post has moved to JenuineJen’s new domain:  https://jenuinejen.wordpress.com.  Please visit the new site for Crafts for Preschoolers, tips for mom, and more!  Thanks!

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