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Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope you have a fabulous week this week.  If you have not been participating in 5 Mintues for Moms’ Ultimate Blog Party, I encourage you to do so.  First stop by my blog party and then go on over to the 5 Minutes for Mom site to find some awesome new blogs to add to your feeder.   Now, on with the Thursday Thirteen. . .

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The first link is a link to Irish Food.  The rest of the links are related to St. Patrick’s Day Activities you can do with your children.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Mazes
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Clover Border Writing Page
  3. Pot of Gold Game
  4. Snowflake Shamrock Cutting Pattern
  5. St. Patrick’s Day Mini Word Book and St. Patrick’s Day Activity Book
  6. Leprechaun Trap

Be sure to check out all the other Thursday Thirteen entries. 

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This post has moved to my new domain:  http://jenuinejen.com.  Please visit my new site for coloring pages, recipes, and more. Thanks!

Make Yourself Into a Cartoon

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GigglyGirl has this funny little rhyme game she made up.  Every time she does this it is in the same cadence.  It goes something like this:

Middle, maddle, liddle, criddle, boo


Zerma, kerma, ferma, terma, you

While the words are not funny, the way she says it is.  She just sings this rhyme out of nowhere and then stops abruptly.  It just cracks me up when she does this.  After I laugh, she laughs. 

She now has the whole family making up these silly nonsensical rhymes.

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Saturday BusyBoy, GigglyGirl, and I were watching a Thanksgiving special on the Food Network.  The celebrity Robert Irvine suprised a lady and helped her cook a Mock Thanksgiving Dinner to serve to 21 volunteer firefighters.  After watching these 2 cook for a couple of minutes, GigglyGirl said, “Mommy, that lady is very beautiful and that man is handsome.”  I agreed with her but did not really make a big deal about it.  Another minute or so later she said, “I am just going to watch the man and not the lady because he is sooo handsome!” 

Is our GigglyGirl already boy crazy at 4?  What are a mother and father to do?

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Some phrases BusyBoy has picked up since school started back:

  • Chicken Out (rather than check it out)
  • Got Me? (at the end of sentences to make sure we understand, rather than got it)

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Today was the first day of Pre-K 4 school.  GigglyGirl was very upset during meet the teacher last week and yesterday at her regular ballet class.  I was concerned that when I dropped her off she would cry and cling to me.  BusyBoy is usually very outgoing and makes friends easiliy so I was not really concerned about him.  Comments from today:

Me:  GigglyGirl, I was so happy that you did not cry when I left you at school today.  I was concerned about that but you did not shed 1 tear.

GigglyGirl:  Mommy, Mrs. Teacher gave me a skittle.

Another conversation:

Me:  Did you make new friends today at school?

BusyBoy:  No.  I did not.

Me:  Why not?

BusyBoy:  I forgot.

I’m glad my daughter can be bribed out of her clingy-ness with 1 single Skittle.  BusyBoy assures me he will remember to make new friends tomorrow.  🙂

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