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This week I have seen several good posts.

Here is a yummy looking, non-vegetarian bacon cup recipe.  It looks so pretty.  This is one Mr. Right and I are sure to try.  You have got to check it out.

Tammy has a delicious looking Cream Cheese Browine.  That would certainly hit the spot right about now.

When I read this funny post about a washcloth to my husband, he almost spit his drink out of his nose.

I cannot believe how rude and self-absorbed some people can be.  Read this recap of one of Kailani’s recent flights back to Hawaii and how rude these two brats were.  While you are there, be sure to check out here giveaway for Mommy Tags jewelry.   

Speaking of giveaways, Contest Blogger is giving away $100 a month every month.  All you have to do to be eligible to win is to post a link to their site on your blog.  Then you are eligible every month – for life.  Pretty cool, eh? 

Finally, I really enjoyed Michelle at Scribbit’s post about the things she misses in Alaska.  It gave me such a sense of what I take for granted living in a metropolitan area compared to other parts of the country.

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I just found this post about a bad hair cut and it is too funny!  I admire Veronica for sharing this story with us so we could laugh with her! 

Jordan at MommaBlogga has a Letter to Mothers in the Waiting Room at the Doctor’s Office.  Luckily, we have not had this experience at our doctor’s office. 

These Sour Cream Pan Biscuits sound really good.  I bet my children would love them and they look easy!!  I think BusyBoy would like the Pretzel Crusted Chicken Fingers MomCooks has posted as well.

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This week through Works For Me Wednesday, I found Little Jack’s Corner.  This is a really good blog and I enjoyed reading the posts.  My favorite post was written by Jack’s Mommy, Lisa, and is called 99 Ways to Daily Show Your Husband Love.  You have to check the post out.  While I try to be a good wife to Mr. Right, I know I can always do better. 

Here are some more tips for inexpensive ways to show your love from Infinity Goods.

I found Amy Karol’s blog Angry Chicken and really love it.  Amy has lots of awesome arts and crafts.  She has a very modern twist on a lot of traditional crafts.  She has an awesome this awesome Apron Show and Tell every month.  You have to check out all the cool apron photos from the most recent polka dot theme.

Here is a yummy looking stuffed baked potoato recipe from Simple Life at Home.

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Gina at Six in the Country is budgeting for $1500 in food this year, which works out to about $4.10 per day.  I am very impressed with this budget and am interested to see how well she does throughout the year.  Go, Gina, Go!  Oh, and while you are at her site, you have got to check out this CVS Deal she got.  It is incredible!  You would never guess her total price for all these toys!  I am in awe of Gina!

Sunny at Dandelions and Daydreams has a post for a basic sourdough bread starter.  This looks so good.  I would like to make my own bread but so far have not prioritized that in my life.

Sarah at Real Life has a great idea for having chidlren sort laundry so you do not have to

Neila at Blog That Mommy recites a couple of recent conversations with her 5 year old son which are very humorous.

Shawn at Letters to my Daughters tells how to bloggers have taught her how to save money with coupons

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Here are the posts I enjoyed the most this week!

 A Quick and Easy Meal – YUM!  Ellen B has a really good looking flank steak recipe.

Staci has a suggestion or two on how to read in bed.  If you like reading, you might wnat to add this book light to your Christmas Wish List.

Here are some tips for websites that help early readers and mathematicans in your home.

Here is a cool ribbon storage idea for the scrapbooker in your life!

Here is a post with ways to reduce energy costs this winter.

I like these frugality quotes.  They are good reminders during the holidays and the crazy Christmas purchasing season.

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Spreading the linky love, here are the best blog posts I read this week:

  • How do you use your spatulas?  Suburban Housewife talks about the various uses of spatulas in her house.  Quite a funny read and one I was thinking about as at stomach virus hit our home this week. 
  • Here is a post with sanity saving ideas for sick children.  I did not have to use these ideas this week with BusyBoy because he did not feel like moving off the sofa the whole day.  It might come in useful in the future.
  • The LoveShak gives us a reminder on the importance of a heathy, happy marriage.
  • Do you ever have trouble selecting the best piece of fruit?  Here are some tips for selecting the best fresh fruit.
  • I do not know about you but before I had twins, I had a pretty decent memory.  I could remember names and faces, times and places.  Now, when the twins are in tow, I am lucky if I remember where I actually went with them, much less who I saw there, what there names are, and other information about them.  The Online Education Database has 75 tips to improve your memory.
  • One of the most outrageous things I heard this week was a news article Mommy Zabs blogged about.  I cannot believe a school system is thinking of giving birth control pills to children in 6th – 8th grade.  I wonder if these same children in are even allowed to take aspirin or tylenol at school.

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