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BusyBoy and GigglyGirl are 4 1/2 years old now.  They have gone from totally dependent to quasi-independent.  They have grown physically, intellectually, and emotionally. 

Mr. Right and I have always told our children that we love them numerous times each day and give them lots of hugs and kisses everyday.  We also tell each other that we love each other and hug and kiss in front of the children.  The first kisses they gave to us were so cute, sweet, and innocent.  The first time they said “I love you” to us our hearts melted.  Now, they show love to each other and to us unprompted numerous times throughout the day.  They love unconditionally with so much passion.  Often times, when one is sad or scared, the other one will come up and put one arm around the sad one to give comfort.  Even when they are angry at each other or us, they still will give a hug and kiss with their apology and they accept our hugs and kisses as well. 

Their love knows no limits.  They just know how to give it and how to accept it.  They give it freely, unselfishly, and without demanding anything in return.

A child’s capacity to learn amazes me.  They learn from watching, listening, and imitating.  They memorize and recite.  They use deductive reasoning.  They ask question after question after question to learn more each and every day.  When they are not certain that their answer is correct they ask for the correct answer, then repeat it to firmly store it in their memory.  If they do something wrong, they do not get up in arms from gentle correction.  They do not take correction personally but appreciate it because they have learned something new from the correction.  They accept that they do not know everything and look to authority figures and experts (mainly Mr. Right and me) to teach them. 

This yearning for learning without offense with correction is amazing.  I have learned a thing or two from their yearning for learning.  When I do not know something, I am more eager to look the answer up so we have the correct answer rather than a guess.  Also, when I am wrong and Mr. Right or a caring friend corrects me, I try (although I do not always succeed) to remember that we are on the same team and that gentle correction is not offensive but is given because the friend or family member cares about me.

 Yearning for learning and love without limits are the best things about 4 1/2 year olds to me.

This was written as part of the October Group Writing Project hosted by MommaBlogga.  Be sure to check out the other entries in the project.

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Jordan at MommaBlogga is hosting a Group Writing Project on “What Is Motherhood?”  Join the Writing Project by going to the submission form


Motherhood is the one of the best gifts from God.  Motherhood creates the opportunity to care for others and put their needs and wants above your own.  It gives you the opportunity to shape the lives of the little ones with whom you are blessed. 

Motherhood also gives you the opportunity to reshape your life.  Motherhood is an ongoing education.  Motherhood puts you in the classroom of life.  Motherhood teaches so many lessons.

Here are some of the lessons my first 4 years as a mother have taught me:

  • Humility
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Limitless love
  • Patience
  • How to be in the moment
  • When to say no and when to say yes
  • How to discipline with loving, kindness
  • How to look up information to questions such as “how big do alligators grow?”
  • When it is necessary to take time for yourself
  • When it is necessary to make time for your husband
  • Why sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique
  • How to keep your house clean while still caring for and playing with children
  • How to play and how to imagine
  • How God can forgive when one asks for forgiveness
  • How to laugh – not cry – over spilled milk
  • A newfound appreciation for your own mother’s patience and love
  • That a kiss makes boo-boos feel better
  • A shoulder to cry on is one of the best gifts to little ones
  • The importance of stopping to smell the roses

I am sure I will learn many more lessons in the years to come.  What lessons have you learned from motherhood?  Leave your comments below.

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