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This week I have seen several good posts.

Here is a yummy looking, non-vegetarian bacon cup recipe.  It looks so pretty.  This is one Mr. Right and I are sure to try.  You have got to check it out.

Tammy has a delicious looking Cream Cheese Browine.  That would certainly hit the spot right about now.

When I read this funny post about a washcloth to my husband, he almost spit his drink out of his nose.

I cannot believe how rude and self-absorbed some people can be.  Read this recap of one of Kailani’s recent flights back to Hawaii and how rude these two brats were.  While you are there, be sure to check out here giveaway for Mommy Tags jewelry.   

Speaking of giveaways, Contest Blogger is giving away $100 a month every month.  All you have to do to be eligible to win is to post a link to their site on your blog.  Then you are eligible every month – for life.  Pretty cool, eh? 

Finally, I really enjoyed Michelle at Scribbit’s post about the things she misses in Alaska.  It gave me such a sense of what I take for granted living in a metropolitan area compared to other parts of the country.


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You will notice on my sidebar there are lots of new buttons for Christmas Giveaways.  Be sure to check all of these outs.  At the various sites:  5 Minutes for Mom, 2007 Pinks and Blues Holiday Gift Guide, MamaSpeaks, Mamanista, OhAmanda’s Oh! Ho! Ho!, and Mommy Cracked’s Christsmas in Dixie.  Enjoy the holidays over the next few weeks and good luck on the contests!

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