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In an effort to set boundaries awhile back, we established a few words that are only to be said in the bathroom or with you have to go to the bathroom.  They are our “potty words,” words such as poop, poot, and poo poo.  These are not typically bad words but I do not want these words used as adjectives in our home.  I especially do not want them used while at the dinner table.  The rule is basically he can go into the bathroom and say “poop” 100 times in a row if he wants to but he cannot just go around the house describing things as with the word. 

The other day, BusyBoy said there was a monster in the house.  This is not unusual.  BusyBoy and GigglyGirl often see monsters, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and all sorts of animals that are not typically considered domesticated. 

Mr. Right asked, “What kind of monster it was this time?”

BusyBoy stepped into the bathroom and asked, “Can I use a ‘potty word’ to tell what kind of monster it is because I am in the potty?  Please, Mom? Can I?”

At first I did not understand what he meant and then I realized what was about to happen and he was in the potty.  So, I said yes.

“It is a poo-poo monster.”

I guess I walked right into that one. 

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This evening BusyBoy was drawing a picture.  He asked me what it is called when you eat too much candy and you get sick.  I said, “Vomit.”  He said, “No.  The other word.  Throw?”  I said, “Throw up?”  He said, “Yes.  Throw up.  I am drawing a Throw Up Machine.  You feed it candy and it throws it up!”

Yep.  Definitely a boy!

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Yesterday as Mr. Right was doing chores around the house to bring beauty to our home, he decided to take our Beast of a vacuum cleaner down the stairs.  The Beast is otherwise known as a Kirby vacuum cleaner or the world’s heaviest and most difficult to maneuver vacuum cleaner.  It is nice and powerful, but that’s because it’s got a bulldozer engine and transmission in it.  The point is that it is roughly equivalent in weight to a Volkswagen.

So, while carrying the Beast down the stairs, Mr. Right stepped on Belle’s Magical Wand.  The wand worked some serious magic on Mr. Right.  Unfortunately, it was not the good kind of magic.  Mr. Right’s foot slipped right out from under him.  He and the Beast began falling.  He slid down half of the stairs on his back.

Now, that would normally be enough to worry about; but yesterday it was just the beginning.  See, BusyBoy was laying on his tummy playing at the bottom of the stairs.  He looked up and saw his daddy coming straight at him.  Mr. Right looked down and saw first the look of wonder and then the looks realization and fright on BusyBoy’s face.  Mr. Right was so worried that he and/or the Beast would land on BusyBoy’s head.  In fact, Mr. Right was terrified that he was going to knock BusyBoy out with the Beast of a vacuum cleaner.

Mr. Right tried with all his might to prevent the beast from landing on BusyBoy’s head.  Unfortunately, he did not prevent it from hitting BusyBoy.  It hit his arm and his head.

I was in our bedroom and heard first a bang, then a rumble, a “Jeeennnn come help,” and finally the wailing of BusyBoy’s pain.  I ran down the stairs and took care of BusyBoy immediately.  He could still move his arm and there was no blood on his head. 
There were a few red spots that looked like they might turn into bruises.  Next, I checked on Mr. Right.  He, too, had several bumps but no blood and no broken bones. 

This morning, Mr. Right’s ankle is a bit sore but he has no bruises and no permanent damage.  The red spots that were on BusyBoy’s arm and head did not even bruise.  He is perfectly fine. 

Mr. Right was my prince yet again yesterday.  He prevented the Beast from fatally attacking BusyBoy.  After the incident, we decided to postpone the beautification of the carpet.  But the lack of major injuries turned out to be the Beauty.

The same cannot be said for Belle’s Magic Wand.  Luckily, the wand was the only fatality in this accident.


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It is raining!  Woohoo!  Yipee!!  Thank you, God, for the rain.  The southern part of this country is in the midst of a 100 year drought.  We desperately need the rain for our water supply.  This morning I woke up to the pitter-patter sound of rain on the rooftop and in the trees.   It was such a glorious sound and one that has happened very rarely around her lately.  According to the forecast, we should have some rain through Thursday.  Since meteorologists never seem to get it exactly right, I will take what we can get and be happy with it.

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This week BusyBoy had a stomach virus that was going around his class at school.  After school on Wednesday, the kids told me that someone threw up on the playground right before carpool line.  On Thursday morning, BusyBoy was complaining about his stomach hurting.  I hoped that it was simply because he was hungry.  When he did not eat his waffles and then asked for oatmeal, which he also did not eat, I knew we were in trouble.  BusyBoy is a picky eater, but he generally likes breakfast foods. 

Since GigglyGirl was feeling ok, I took her on to school and BusyBoy went along for the ride.  When we pulled into the garage, he started crying because he wanted to be at school also.  He said he was not sick anymore.  I persuaded him that we would have a fun morning if he was not sick.  He only felt like watch tv so I sat on the sofa and held him while he watched Little Bear. 

About 35 minutes into our fun morning, he was indeed sick.  Luckily, he made it to the bathroom before vomiting.  He repeated that episode a little later in the morning.  Then he slept off and on in the family room or the next several hours.  While was awake all he wanted was for me to hold him and maybe watch a little bit of tv. 

When GigglyGirl and BusyBoy were babies, we had so many problems with nursing, sleep schedules, and colic that I was relieved when they were sleeping so that I could get some rest as well.  I do not regret the feeling of relief.  I had to rest to survive.  For 8 weeks, I was literally getting a total of 2 hours a sleep a day in 10 – 20 minute increments. 

Now that they are older they do not fall asleep in my arms except for when they are really sick.  While I do not enjoy my children being sick with a minor virus, I am so glad that my presence and touch can make them feel better and I cherish the extra cuddle time I get with them when they are sick.  I know if they were sick with something serious I would not enjoy that cuddle time and would be hoping and praying for them to recover quickly.  Still, when it is a minor virus that I know will pass in a day or two, I stop everything else I am doing to make myself available to the sick child or children.  For me this is the best part about my children being sick, being able to give them comfort when they need it and being able to savor the feeling that gift brings me. 

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 We kind of have a rule in my car that BusyBoy and GigglyGirl cannot take balloons home from restaurants or playdates.  They can play with them at the restaurant or playdate but not in the car.  So, they have to release the balloons and watch them fly away.  (We do this because they get in my way of seeing out the windows while driving and to avoid loud popping sounds that might startle any one of us.)

A few weeks ago, they had the opportunity to release balloons again.  This time they had a long conversation with the balloons as they flew away:

“Bye Bye Balloons!  See you later!”
“Have fun on your trip!”
“Have a good trip to the moon!”
“GigglyGirl, mine is not going to the moonMine is going to Mars!”
“Oh, have a good trip to Mars!”
“Bye Red and Blue Balloons.  Take care of each other.”

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