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Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope you have a fabulous week this week.  If you have not been participating in 5 Mintues for Moms’ Ultimate Blog Party, I encourage you to do so.  First stop by my blog party and then go on over to the 5 Minutes for Mom site to find some awesome new blogs to add to your feeder.   Now, on with the Thursday Thirteen. . .

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The first link is a link to Irish Food.  The rest of the links are related to St. Patrick’s Day Activities you can do with your children.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Mazes
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Clover Border Writing Page
  3. Pot of Gold Game
  4. Snowflake Shamrock Cutting Pattern
  5. St. Patrick’s Day Mini Word Book and St. Patrick’s Day Activity Book
  6. Leprechaun Trap

Be sure to check out all the other Thursday Thirteen entries. 

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 On Saturday in Georgia, the Republican Party is hosting Precinct meetings for counties with a population of 80,000 and above.  Here are 13 things you may or may not already know about Precinct Meetings:

  1. The purpose of the Precinct Meeting is to elect delegates and alternates for the County Convention, which will be held in March.
  2. Precinct meetings truly are a grassroots way of getting involved in politics.  It shows that all politics are local. 
  3. In a Presidential Election Year, at the County Convention, delegates and alternates will be elected for both the District Convention and the State Convention. 
  4. At the District and State Conventions in 2008, delegates and alternates will be elected for the Republican National Convention.
  5. Delegates to the RNC will be casting votes for the Presidential Nominee, which will not be official until the actual Convention.  Delegates to the RNC also do some other business and apparently a lot of partying.
  6. Be prepared to list your neighbors who are Republican and might want to participate in a County Convention.
  7. All the Precinct Meetings start at 10:00 AM sharp.  If you are late, you can watch but you cannot participate.
  8. Mr. Right and I were rushed into our very first precinct meeting from the parking lot with only 60 seconds to spare.
  9. A precinct is all the people who vote at a particular location.  If you vote at ABC Elementary School, then you are in the precinct with all the other people who vote at ABC Elementary.
  10. There is a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out at Precinct Meetings and Conventions.  A Lot!  One time, Mr. Right and I were up until 1:00 AM the night before the Precinct Meeting, arrived at the meeting at 8:00 AM to setup and then did not get home to go to sleep until 4:30 AM on Sunday morning.  We were exhausted but we got all the paperwork done!  I hardly ever pulled all-nighters in college so I cannot believe that I have pulled all-nighters for volunteer work after college.  For work? Ok, at least I was getting paid.  Volunteer work?  I admit, I’m a little crazy!  Through those crazy long hours, we have made friends that will last a lifetime.  (LP, I’m talking about you!)
  11. Three out of four years, there are Precinct Meetings and a “Convention Cycle” in Georgia. 
  12. In non-Presidential Election years, Party Leadership is elected during the “Convention Cycle”.  More on that next year!
  13. All of this starts Saturday of this weekend in Georgia.

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  1. Christmas Eve Services at my father’s church, hearing him preach again on Christmas Eve for the first time in 6 years (he was at a managerial type appointment the previous 6 years and did not have his own church to preach at)
  2. Mr. Right and I getting a gift from Santa in early December that helped with our Christmas purchases this year
  3. Watching the children change the date each day on their Advent Calendars
  4. Watching our children get more excited with each passing day as Christmas approached
  5. Spending Sunday afternoons celebrating Christmas with my in-laws, Mr. Right, and the children
  6. Spending Christmas evening at my parents’ house eating Steak and Shrimp and opening gifts from under the tree
  7. Eating homemade doughnuts on Christmas morning after seeing what Santa brought the children
  8. Watching the children see what Santa brought them on Christmas morning
  9. Decorating the Christmas Tree with Mr. Right and the children
  10. Planning and preparing the Christmas Party for GigglyGirl and BusyBoy’s class party

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  Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving there is a lot for which I am thankful.

  1. First and foremost I am thankful for Mr. Right and our strong marriage.  This year has been a challenging year for us.  We faced job loss, the closing of Mr. Right’s company, which resulted in a mountain of debt from under which we may never climb out.  We also faced illness and miscarriage.  Mr. Right had routine but serious nasal and throat surgery.  We went through a fertility treatment and were pregnant for a very short time before finding out we were losing the baby.  Through all of this, we have been able to continue to put one foot in front of the other knowing that we were walking this walk hand in hand and that the most important thing is that we have each other.  I love Mr. Right.  I am so very thankful to God for him and for our marriage. 
  2. Next, I am thankful for our children.  BusyBoy and GigglyGirl are such sweet and loving children.  It feels good to have their love.  It feels even better to give my love to them.  I am so glad that we have two children to love.  It took us quite a few years to get pregnant.  There were many Thanksgivings and Christmases that I was sad because we did not have children to share our holidays.  This will be our fifth Thanksgiving with them.  It is a wonderful feeling to share the holidays with them and to give them all of my love.  I love hearing their feet patter down the hall in the morning to cuddle with us before facing the day.  I love holding them, caring for them, playing with them, reading with them, and living life from day to day with them.
  3. I am also thankful for my extended family – parents and siblings and Mr. Right’s parents and sibling and our in-laws.  They have been with us this year.  They have given us their love and their compassion.  I love watching the faces of our parents light up when BusyBoy and GigglyGirl are excited to see them.  I am thankful we have a family we enjoy spending time with and whom we can trust.
  4. This year our friends have truly rallied around us.  There are 3 couples in particular that have sustained us and have given us the love we needed exactly when we needed it.  The Ps, Bs, and Js are some of the best friends anyone could ever hope to have.  We are so blessed to have them as our friends.  Instead of judging us (at least to our faces), they have given us a helping hand, prayed with us, and surrounded us with Christian love.
  5. Additionally, there are other friends who have been incredible to us this year.  I am thankful for all the other friends.  The ones who have made me laugh, listened to me, allowed me their shoulder to cry on, helped out with the children when needed, and been such good friends to us.  For each of these people, I am thankful.
  6. I am thankful for the new business opportunities that have come our way this year.  I am hopeful that I can continue to do political consulting.  It is something I enjoy and it is fun to get paid for something I enjoy.
  7. I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and clothes on our back.  While these are things I might normally take for granted, this year I have learned to be thankful for the little things and the big things in life. 
  8. I am thankful I have learned how to blog.  It has given me a creative and positive outlet and I enjoy it so much.  I have learned more about people from various parts of the country.  I have opened my life and shared stories, which is fun.  I have researched and learned things that I might not have taken the time to do otherwise.  Thanks to all of you who leave comments.  I love reading them and knowing that other people are out there reading my blog.
  9. I am thankful for the Bible.  It has given me strength and peace this year.  I have learned to appreciate Psalms much more than I ever have in the past.  I have been able to relate to stories in the Old Testament that never touched me before.  I am grateful for the deeper and better understanding of the Bible.
  10. I am thankful that I have learned this valuable lesson this year:  No matter how many plans and goals you make in life, sometimes things do not go according to plan.  When this happens you can adjust and keep striving toward the end goal or you can wallow in self pity.  How you handle the change is up to you. 
  11. I am grateful for tivo.  It is a luxury item that Mr. Right and I indulge in. It is so much fun to watch the shows we want to watch when we want to watch them.  I love tivo and I am really grateful we have it. 
  12. I am thankful for books to read.  I love reading.  It gives me an escape from the everyday life and allows me to go places I might not otherwise travel.  I especially love books I can download onto my Palm Phone so that when I have an insomniac night, I can read to my heart’s content without bothering Mr. Right.
  13. Finally, I give thanks that Mr. Right had to close his company.  While it has been a tough year, we have matured and gained wisdom.  Mr. Right was burned out on his industry and really needed to make a change.  It is good that he has done this and walked away from it while still learning and making positive changes for the future.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving (or this Thursday if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving)?  Leave a comment below to let me know.  Be sure to check out the other Thursday Thirteen posts at the official site.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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