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Jen – safe travel for our day trip, our awesome babysitter

Mr. Right – not getting electrocuted when a truck pulled powerlines to his office down right in front of him

BusyBoy – mom

GigglyGirl – butterflies

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2007-06-12 Thankfulness

DH – many things, most thankful for Jen, GigglyGirl, & BusyBoy

Jen – cool summer mornings

GigglyGirl – apples, butterflies, & princesses

BusyBoy – you, Mom

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Each evening before our prayers, we tell what we are thankful to God for.  Tonight we are thankful for:

Jen – the rain; DH – Mommy, BusyBoy, & GigglyGirl; BusyBoy – the stuffed aminal dog he is going to sleep with; GigglyGirl – all the things she likes

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You’re Not a Bad Guy

DH & I are watching the first season on Prsion Break on DVD.  I woke up the other morning and told DH I dreamed I was trying to break out of prison. 

BouncingBusyBoy, 4yo, asked “What’s prison, Mommy?” 

I replied, “It’s where bad guys go for a very long time out.”

He then said, “But, Mom, you’re not a bad guy.”

Don’t you love how children can keep it real and make you feel good about life at the same time?

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